Lab QA Program

Fish Health Section Quality Assurance Program for Laboratories

The Standing Committee for Quality Assurance for the Fish Health Section (FHS) has designed a multi-tiered program for quality assurance and quality control in aquatic animal laboratories. This program is designed for the many small-medium sized laboratories which don't have the resources to become accredited with more expensive/onerous programs, while still raising the quality and credibility of laboratory diagnostic/inspection services throughout North America. The program can be accomplished over time as resources become available, and is totally voluntary.

Details of the initial phase of the program, designated as "Tier 1 - Prequalification", have been finalized and the application is available below. A second phase, "Tier 2 - Recognition" is under development and should be completed by the end of 2017. The first two phases will be administered by the FHS, under the guidance of the Standing Committee. Possible future plans might include a third Tier, with actual accreditation under an agency with legal authority.

The Tier 1 phase requires applicants to provide establishment and documentation of quality assurance principals, based largely on Chapter 3 of the AFS-FHS Bluebook, including standard operating procedures for laboratory procedures and equipment, designation of key quality assurance personnel, as well as laboratory safety procedures.

Application Period for 2017 – Tier 1

The application period for 2017 will begin on January 1, and ends on March 31. The application form should be fully completed and signed, and sent along with payment to:

Cathryn Smith, Secretary
Attn: QA/QC Committee
1465 West 200 North
Logan, UT 84321

Once the application has been received, further instructions will be sent to allow uploading of additional required materials. 

Reference Documents:

• 2017 Tier 1 Application
• Appendix A – Model Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program for Fish Health Laboratories
• Appendix B - Standard Operating Procedure Template (required, unless prior permission from QA Committee has been obtained)

Contact Information:

Committee Members

  • , chairman

Current Recognized Laboratories

Tier 1 (Pre-qualification)

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory, Brush, CO
  • Eagle Idaho Fish Health Laboratory, Eagle, ID