Special Achievement/Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to a FHS member who has made a significant accomplishment in the fish health field regarding a new discovery, diagnostic method, publication, etc. This award is for a one-time accomplishment and may or may not be give out every year. This award may be given for:

  • A unique contribution to the fish health field (such as a new diagnostic tool, a new technique to control disease, etc.)
  • A significant research accomplishment
  • Outstanding leadership in resolving a major aquatic animal health program

Past Recipients of the Special Achievement/Distinguished Service Award


  • Vicki Blazer (FHS Editor)


  • Benjamin LaFrentz, for his dedication to the FHS website
  • Nicole White, for her dedication to the student web page


  • Dr. Steve Kaattari , for his service as an editor of the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
  • Eagle Fish Health Lab of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, for their work in resolving problems with the ELISA for bacterial kidney disease


  • Dr. Jerri Bartholomew, for her excellent efforts in creating a news listserv for the FHS


  • Dr. Drew Mitchell, for his published review article entitled, "Finfish Health in the United States (1609-1969): Historical Perspective, Pioneering Researchers and Fish Health Workers, and Annotated Bibliography" Aquaculture 196 (2001) 347-438


  • Dr. Scott LaPatra, for his outstanding service and leadership to the FHS


  • Dr. Gael Kurath, for her development of the ribonuclease protection assay (RPA) that was proven useful in assessing diversity in strains of IHNV and for her role in transferring this technology to other biologists


  • Pacific Northwest Fish Health Protection Committee (PNFHPC), for their contribution to public education by organizing the symposium, "Pathogens and Diseases of Fish in Aquatic Ecosystems: Implications in Fisheries Management"