Welcome to the Fish Health Section of the American Fisheries Society

The Fish Health Section (FHS) is one of the largest and most international sections of the American Fisheries Society. The FHS was formed in 1972 to give fish biologists, diagnosticians, researchers, aquaculturists, veterinarians, administrators, and others involved in fish health, an organization for communication and interaction.


2014 Blue Book Now Free Online!

 The Blue Book includes three sections:  Diagnostic Methods, Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspections, and Quality Assurance. All three sections of the NEW 2014 Blue Book are, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, available ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the Blue Book tab at the left of this page. The Blue Book is no longer for sale on DVD through the AFS. 


Wet mount of gill tissue from a koi infected with F. columnare. The cells have aggregated into "haystacks" (Photo by Andy Goodwin). From the Blue Book diagnostic chapter "Columnaris Disease" by Benjamin LaFrentz, Andrew Goodwin, and Craig Shoemaker.


New Meeting Announcements

"4th International Conference on Members of the Genus Flavobacterium" in Auburn, Alabama October 27-29, 2015


"Health and Colony Management of Laboratory Fish" at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory Bar Harbor, Maine. August 16-21, 2015. 


Proceedings from the 2014 ISAAH in Portland are now available.